A handy guide for aspiring product managers

An eBook with resources to build the foundational knowledge and practical tips to set yourself up for a career in product management

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What you'll learn

Foundational Knowledge and recommended resources to build it further.
Necessary skills required to become a Product Manager and how to develop them.
Tips on how to approach the different paths that lead to product management

What this book is and is NOT?

Product management is a craft that may take a lifetime to master. This book is not to be considered as "everything there is to know about product management" or a book that contains shortcuts to get into the field. This is NOT an exhaustive collection of all the resources you will need to become a product manager.

Think of this book as a guide that will show you what the product management journey holds for you, equip you with the basic necessities, and put you on the hassle-free path to the starting point in case you decide to take on the journey.

Content summary

Understanding the product management function.
The product life cycle
Core product management concepts
How to develop the core skills required to be a product manager
Common paths that lead to product management and how to approach them
Building credibility as a product manager

Who is this book for?

Product enthusiasts who want to break into product management but are still on the fence because of no clear direction.
Recent graduates evaluating if product management is the right career for them.
People who are curious about product management in general
Experienced folks with engineering, design, and support background who look at product management as one of the options for career progression.

What readers are saying about this book?

"If you have been looking for a 'Demystifying Product Management' guide minus the jargon and frills, your search ends here. 4 hours well spent!"
"Very well written and easy to follow. This book hits the goal of providing an overview for those looking to break into product management role."
"A must read for anyone planning to transition into product management. Very useful content with practical suggestions to land a PM role. Very well written."
"Precise and insightful. Definitely recommended for anyone who is starting and (i) doesn't know where to start (ii) is trapped in Medium/Substack articles loop."
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About the author

Hi 👋, My name is Akshay Deshmukh.
I'm a software developer turned product manager with over a decade of experience working on B2B software product development and product management.
I currently work as a Sr. Product Manager at Zinrelo - a loyalty rewards platform and have been a Product Manager for an industry leading end points data backup solution at Druva.
I built Zero To PM - a curated library of 150+ content resources - articles, videos, twitter threads, webinars etc organized by the key topics that make up product management. Recently, I've been focusing on helping aspiring product managers with guidance on how to break into product management